a broadcast by ARD alpha, march 2016, about the artoxin gallery „days of the electronic moving image“ in july 2015, produced by peider a. defilla, BOA video, munich


„ulrich phips fischer – of knocks and other delights from his messestadt-atelier“
a short documentary, produced by horst stenzel, munich 2010


rabe perplexum
documentation of the exhibition on the 2nd day of death in the city hall gallery munich, 1998, by ulrich phips fischer, arteminent

documentation on the acquisition of roma in macedonia by
ulrich phips fischer, 1995

die nachtigall von ramersdorf (the nightinggail from ramersdorf)
documentary about a star
production: videodrom 1982 – 2000
contributors: fritz steinhauer, ulli bauereis, antje schwarzer, sundro ganser
film clips: horror vacui, flitterwochen

living theatre, interview, 1978
this interview was made by ulli bauereis and ulrich phips fischer in rome, italy, 1978

living theatre – a meditation about the money
excerpt from the play ’seven meditations on political sadomasochism‘, recording of a performance at the theaterfestival munich, 1977 by videodrom, ulli bauereis, ulrich phips fischer

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