performances, installations, readings (selection)

1972 – 76 public concerts as musician (percussion), „kunstzone münchen“,       rockfestival kaufbeuren and others

1977 various video works, theatre festival, galerie klaus Lea, munich and others, with ulli bauereis

1979 video performance „mediale vergewaltigung“, performance festival at the staedtische galerie im lenbachhaus, munich, with ulli bauereis

1981 video performance „zweifel“, dany keller gallery, munich, with ulli bauereis

1982 video installation „u“, municipal gallery lothringerstraße, munich, with ulli bauereis

1982 presentation of the video clip „frau fallermeier“ munich, with ulli bauereis

1985 performace „implosion“, gallery helmut leger, munich

1987 performance „maiandacht“, iheater prot, munich

1989 performance „foreign property“, theater prot, munich

1992 video installation „bed“, alte kupferwerkstatt, munich

1993 video installation „atm“, foyer minolta office technology, munich

video installation „heimat im eimer“, munich in collaboration with the painter carla chlebarov, galerie popp, munich

1998 presentation „lotarija“, documentary film, days of independent film, osnabrück

publication of the text „rabe perplexum“ at the Rathausgalerie, munich on the occasion of the memorial exhibition for the artist, who died in 1996,

1999 reading and screening „text and videos by rabe perplexum“ at vak, ateliergemeinschaft domagkstrasse, munich

2000 reading „fips reads fischer“ own texts and poems, neues theater, munich

„groschenroman“ reading object, contribution to the installation „before silence“ by the artist sigrid sigurdsson, karl- ernst – osthaus museum, hagen (permanent loan)

2004 „secret“ room installation in the context of the event „digital-analog“ in the kunstarkaden in the munich city hall

2005 reading of own texts, „die bank“, munich

2010 video installation „geldautomat II“ – cultural days munich trudering – riem, Infocontainer edinburghplatz

2011 presentation of the video „ei“ in the cafe „gap“ and in the maxforum, munich

2012 video installation „tract“ – another „shaft installation“, studio „arteminent“, munich

2012 – 14 film documentary „decrustations“ about the work of Berlin artist anneli ketterer, berlin

2015 gallery artoxin shows videoart, installation „garage with peepholes“ and video „verschaukelt“, atm

2018 – 19 postproduction of the  dokumentarie „günther klatt, musiker-maler“
by heinz speckmeyer

2019 – 20 arch musik saloon #99 „AusDerReihe“
objekts from fips fischer + music by udo schindler & masako ohta

2020 videoproject „streetview“, for the exhibition „clips“ in the „kopfbau“, munich riem

cooperation in film and art projects (selection)


„fellini and cinecitta“, documentary, (kick film/wdr) rom/munich 1983 (camera)

„all hell is breaking loose in heaven“, feature film (emotion pictures), munich 1984

music – video clips (extra wide, embryo, etc.)

industrial reports (philips, x-ray miller, etc.)

commercials: danone and others /emotion pictures, munich (supervisor, camera)

theatre work
prot, munich, new theatre, munich, theatre festival, munich and many more

art projects
loft munich, wolfgang flaz, and many more

bronze lion, cannes for camera, sound, editing (anti-aids spot, emotion pictures, munich) 1988