leaving the screen_en

leaving the screen – media installation

project outline

two computer-controlled monitors face each other at intervals of two to three meters.
In between, there is a mechanical-optical system with computer-controlled stepper motors, moving model figures, light and glass, the processes of which take place in a box invisible to the viewer. this system creates the illusion of three-dimensional objects floating through space against a black background. acoustic elements complete the event.

on monitors, animated animated 3D objects appear from running videos, appear out of the monitors, seem to float through the room and disappear into another monitor.

the observable movement of a virtual object from one representation environment (screen) to another (space) gives room for association with the change of human states of being and sensitivities through perception and the associated neuronal processes.
the installation „leaving the screen“ is a provocative confrontation with the transformation of human society through innovative technologies that create new individual and social realities with unforeseeable effects.

with the installation, content relevant to humanity is processed audiovisually and presented and perceived in an unusual form.


leaving the screen

flash-animation leaving the screen

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