monitor objects

monitor objects – the conversion of the screen

the objects consist partly of a housing made of cardboard, wood, plastic and other materials with integrated small monitors, and partly of medium-sized monitors covered by panels of various materials, which allow video clips to be seen through „windows“ that have been left open. the accompanying sounds can be played back either through headphones or loudspeakers.
the works were created with the intention of combining elements of visual art with video and sound material in order to expand conventional forms of representation and habits of perception of the different media.
the size and construction of the arrangements demand spatial proximity from the viewer and call for an examination of form and content.
some of the installations are thematic and allow the recipient to associate freely with the content presented, while others focus solely on the audiovisual experience. the short video clips correspond in content and form with the veneers and masks. together they result in complex creations.
the objects „water“ and „air“ were created in collaboration with the multimedia artist carmen kordas.
the object „cyclic transformations“ was created in collaboration with the artist christof wackernagel.
further works – partly with interactive functions – are in preparation.
ulrich phips fischer, 2023

overview of all properties, status 2023 ⇒ PDF

a glimpse in the studio

some monitor objects demo sample, a quick overview

object I

installation – object, 50 x 60 cm
sand on wood, video monitor
ulrich phips fischer, 2017

object II
water – wasser
installation – object, 50 x 60 cm
petri dish on wood, 2 video monitors
ulrich phips fischer, 2018

object III
air – luft
installation – object, 50 x 60 cm
fethers on wood, video monitor, fan with ticker
ulrich phips fischer, 2018

Spiral of violence
47 x 67 cm
21″ monitor, covered with painted wood, acryl, fotos
ulrich phips fischer, 2022


the complete object

visage – face
21″ monitor, covered with cardboard
ulrich phips fischer, 2018

21″ monitor, covered with painted wood
ulrich phips fischer, 2023

1 joint work „masquerade ball“
21″ monitor, covered  with cardboard
paintings + templates for video:
christof wackernagel
video: ulrich phips fisher, 2020
music: pstb (wackernagel, jost, fischer) 1973

2 single objects

poster, cardboard on wood, 70 x 50 cm,
4,5″ monitor, ulrich phips fischer, 2011
(this video also was part of the installation ⇒“videotunnel – traktat“)

32″ monitor, facing cardboard, foil, with pedestal, ca. 80x40x150 cm.
ulrich phips fischer, 2021

der schrei – the scream
21″ monitor, mesh, fabric, with pedestal ca. 50 x 70 x 115 cm,
ulrich phips fischer, 2019

broken homeland
monitor object, cuckoo clock, wood, metal, ca. 30 x 25 cm
ulrich phips fischer, 1993, part of an installation


„in die röhre gekuckt“  „a look in the pipe“ (to be left out)
monitorobject, waste pipe, height ca, 100 cm, ulrich phis fischer, 2022

„the work“
monitorobject, wood, tools, monitor, ca. 160 x 50 x 40 cm,
ulrich phips fischer, 2022


„triumph of egomania“
part of an object / intallation , 5″ monitor, cardboard on MDF 60 x 50 cm,
behind glass, ulrich phips fischer 2023