videotunnel broken homeland_en

broken homeland,, a videotunnel, gallery popp, munich 1993

an image photographed from the monitor for the video installation „heimat im eimer“, treated with thermochromics, painted over by carla chlebarov, invitation card and poster.

the videoclip in the object

a painting by carla chlebarov

fips heimat im eimer 1

videotunnel is an installation practice that I have used several times:
a very small monitor is located at the end of a shaft or corridor that is closed off by a signal band and inaccessible to the visitor. the video cannot be seen exactly with the naked eye.
the visitor has the possibility to see the film more closely from the barrier with a field glasses provided and to hear the corresponding sound via headphones.

this form of presentation arouses some curiosity and requires initiative and concentration on the video. [ulrich phips fischer]